• Buy and Sell

    List products and services to sell or look for items to buy.

  • In-App Messaging

    Contact a seller directly and meet on campus to close the deal.

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    College deals & exclusive promotions for students on electronics, school supplies and more...

  • Chit Chat

    Discover and connect with students or groups on campus.

  • Deals and Promotions

    Receive exclusive offers from top brands and retailers.

  • Private and Secure

    Available only to students on campus with a valid .edu email address.

Brands and Retailers

  • Target Students and Colleges

    Deliver ads and promotions to students at thousands of U.S. colleges.

  • Connect and Engage

    Reach students with in-app messaging and deliver time sensitive deals and promotions based on location.

  • Data and Analytics

    Measure a campaign's success and receive detailed analytics for each promotion.

Property Owners


  • Target Students and Colleges

    List your housing vacancies directly to college students. (Houses, Apartments, Subleases, Rooms)

  • Connect and Engage

    Communicate with students using in-app messaging to schedule appointments.

  • Free Listings

    Verified property owners are able to list unlimited properties free of charge.

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Chit Chat

NEW FEATURE: Pictures & Videos

  • Post Anonymously

    Say whatever is on your mind or see what other students on campus have to say.

  • Group Conversations

    Find where you belong and join the conversation, or create a new group to connect to students with common interests.

  • Peer-to-Peer

    Reach out and connect one-to-one with other students on campus to share a private conversation.



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